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Introducing Tech Maven Geospatial’s

Map Portal Solution

Create immersive interactive mapping solutions.  We delivery highly optimized data driven mapping solutions.

You won’t beat the performance and price anywhere! Try to compare our features and capabilities! We give you the most value and we are constantly innovating and adding new capabilities.

Full Featured Solution:

Whatever your mapping need, Orange Maps Studio delivers! We provide outstanding tools to rapidly share Geospatial Data.

Easy Data Management

Upload Vector GIS Data and easily symbolize/style it and configure labels, popups and search

most common Geospatial Data formats are supported

we are also building a data Conversion Service

Draw Features and Assign Attributes

With our full featured drawing tools you can digitize/draw features (points, lines and polygons) and add attributes and even attach media.

Secure portal

We guarantee up time and have 99.99%

Each customer’s data is secure and we maintain separate databases.  We employ web application firewall and malware protection. You can entrust in us that we will keep your data safe and maintain industry best practices.

Attribute Tables

Every Feature you can open Attribute Table, Sort, Filter

Order and Style Layers

Change Order of Layers and Styling and Transparency

Story Map Functionality

Attach text and media to map location


You can white label the portal and add your logo, title, branding, turn off or on features and even generate embed codes.

You can also decide to make your portal private and secure and require login.


Responsive Design that conforms to any screen size, resolution and pixel density.  View the map portal on a desktop with a 4K Monitor down to a Tablet or Phone.

Integration with our Mobile Data Collection and Viewing apps

View have mobile app that you can collect data, publish data and manage your portal from the app.

Map Annotation

Paint and Annotate on the Map and save your map as PDF/PNG


Layer Swipe

Compare different datasets or basemaps with the Layer Swipe Tool

GeoReference Photo

Add a JPG Image and Rubbersheet it to the location by dragging the corners to match it to the Reference basemap or vector data

Geocode addresses or other location fields

You can upload a CSV, TSV, Excel Spreadsheet and other formats with locations and we will magically map them.  Assign custom marker symbols and even marker clustering.


Quick to configure and administrate, speedy to delivery mapping data, no lag or waiting. Render large vector datasets rapidly and even perform analysis and geospatial operations like buffer and intersect.

Allow users to mashup your published map with their local and web data

One of the many innovative features we have is the ability to mashup the map with your local and web based data. Performing searches, and measurements, change the basemaps, view graticules and other features

View Elevation & View 3D Terrain

View Spot Elevation, Create a Route/Line and View a Terrain Profile View. View your location in our 3D Globe with Terrain

GeoTiff Support

Administrators and Users can upload GeoTiff’s Raster Imagery and view on the map. This could be a scanned and georeferenced map or an export from a GIS software.  GeoTiff’s must be in Geographic WGS84 to be displayed.

View GeoTagged Photos

You can map geotagged Photos

Generate Embed Code

In addition to our subdomain we provide you, our tools allow you to generate customized embed code that enables you to insert the map into your existing website and application

Integration into existing webapps and software

With Smart URL’s you can have a Popup with a HyperLink that can access records in your existing line of business applications and databases.

Secure Checkout

Our e-commerce system with Stripe Payment Gateway is fully PCI DSS compliant and all checkout information is encrypted and run’s on a secure server. We do not share customer information.

Upload Files Get Map

Simple interface to add data, style and configure it and publish a map.

Support for ESRI Shapefile zipped, ESRI FileGDB zipped, KML, GeoJSON, CSV, OGC GeoPackage Features, Vector Tiles in MBTiles

Data Visualization

We are adding advanced data visualization tools.


Charting of data

Feature Tour

Rapidly Publish and Share Maps

Digitize, Draw and Add Attributes


Style Vector Data and Drawing Layers

WYSIYG Editor for Text Annotations/Notes

Capture Notes and Text Annotations with a Rich Text What you See is what you get editor

Measure Distance and Area

Orange Maps Studio allow portal users to measure distance and area.

Basemap Picker and Transparency Slider

Add content here

Google Places and Routing

Allow users to find places, zoom to an address, get directions

Coordinate Display and GeoLocation


Graticules Lines latitude and longitude

Web Services

Mapping Services

OGC WMS – Web Mapping Service


Coming soon: WFS and ESRI ArcGIS ImageService, MapService, FeatureService

Weather Overlays

Spatial Bookmarks

Go back to specific spots on the map with Spatial Bookmarks

Geospatial Tools

Orange Maps Studio uses Turfjs for performing Geospatial analysis and operations.

In addition, to the current tools we are working on adding Points within Polygon, features to polygon, intersection, destination, centroid, rhumb destination, bearing, great circle, along, area and others

Orange Maps Studio

Rapid Geospatial Data Visualization and Sharing

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I’ve tried Carto and MapBox and ESRI ArcGIS Online but nothing is as simple and quick and feature rich. In addition, the team at Orange Maps Studio have amazing support and development services. They worked with our organization to provide a custom solution and went out of their way to enable offline disconnected viewing on mobile devices.

Jane Dosner

GIS Analyst, Private Non Government Organization - Humanitarian Relief

Orange Maps Studio made my job as developer so easy – just configure layers and style and labels and I was good to go. We have build many portals in the best none have gone so smoothly, have been so well received by internal team and external customers and are a joy to use!

Michael Robinson

GIS Developer, Envision Tech

I can’t talk more highly about the solution by Orange Maps Studio we are serving up all the parcels, planimetric layers, buildings, parks, school, libraries, Zoning and Landuse for our County and the cost is affordable and it takes the burden out of managing our own infrastructure and licensing costs.

Jessica Blue

Geospatial Technician, Richmond County Government

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